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Erin Heatherton for Custo Barcelona

Posted by on Jul 28, 2012 in Fashion | 0 comments

Full luscious lips, wide captivating smile and tantalizing deep sea green eyes are the adjectives that Erin Heatherton is known for aside from  being known as one of the Victoria’s Secret Angels. This 5’11 brand model was just vacationing with her family in a mini- van at South Beach Florida when she was scouted by Marilyn agency. It must be Erin Heatherton’s lucky day, don’t you guys think? From that day of her discovery she began to ramp the catwalk till this very day at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Shows. One of the leading trend creators in the fashion world is the “Custo Barcelona Collections”. This brand was created in the early 80’s as a collaboration of styles by the Damau brothers; Custo and David. Every season, the Spanish brand sets out a new style. In 2009 Custo Barcelona’s...

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