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Kristin Bell Shines in Sheer Black

Posted by on Feb 29, 2012 in Fashion | 0 comments

American actress and silver screen star Kristin Bell definitely knows how to make black stand out. Being one of the prettiest blondes in Hollywood, this young actress has been a staple in the blogosphere’s best dressed lists. She began her career in television as the lead in Veronica Mars, but that was after landing a role in the Broadway edition of Tom Sawyer. For this red carpet event, the actress wore her hair in a high ponytail in which the front portion of the hair is held back with a thin black head band. It definitely plays up her features since she has a delicate bone structure. Note the high cheekbones and the perfect angle of her nose. What made this do work was that her makeup looked fresh and natural, and her skin was completely flawless. For her...

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