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Hartman & Hartman Fashion Stores in Amsterdam

Posted by on Jun 10, 2012 in Fashion Stores | 0 comments

If you happen to be visiting Amsterdam, you will find that next to the great nightlife and weed shops, that it has much more to offer. A great variety of museums and places of cultural heritage are also on the Amsterdam menu. But some of you are more shopping oriented, and it will not be a surprise that Amsterdam is a GREAT place to shop, but not a lot of people know that it is also a very fashionable city. There is much to be found, haute couture to the max.. just take a look in the famous PC Hooftstraat and you will find the biggest names in fashion and their stores. But this would not be a fashion blog if we did not have a tip for you. I visited several stores in the PC Hoofstraat and when you take...

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