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Elizabeth Banks in Sweet Pink Allure

Posted by on Apr 23, 2012 in Fashion | 0 comments

Indie film and all-round talented actress Elizabeth banks walked on the red carpet of the premier for Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 3 in a nice and sweet hot pink cocktail dress with just enough jewelry that is sure to make even the Queen jealous. Evidently, Banks never missed the memo as she appeared in this simple but gorgeous hot pink cocktail dress. The form fitting attire certainly turned heads as she walked along the red carpet. Although her role was small in the film, she certainly made a big entrance in the premiere. I thought the dress really suited her well, as it really accentuated her curves around the waist, and revealed just enough to hint a bit of sexiness while not being too all out there. Mostly acting in smaller films but with bigger roles, Elizabeth Banks is definitely no stranger...

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Devon Aoki Brings on the Shimmer

Posted by on Apr 20, 2012 in Fashion | 0 comments

Asian beauty Devon Aoki steps out in this beautifully designed gown silver sequined dress from Alberta Ferretti. The model turned actress unveiled her silvery ensemble at the 2008 Cannes film fest red carpet. Not surprisingly as Aoki made appearances in a number of hit films like 2 Fast 2 Furious and Sin City, all in playing the sultry and sexy supporting character. It seems her on and off screen persona seem to have a hard knowing when to be in character, especially if she looks that good.The chainmail like sequined design fits and complements her petite figure perfectly. It presents her figure in a strong structured manner yet still elegantly presents her feminine curvesTo accessorize, Aoki did well choosing to go with the classic diamond necklace with matching earrings for an elegant touch to complement her dress. Finally a...

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Eliza Dushku in Minimalist Ensemble

Posted by on Apr 19, 2012 in Fashion | 0 comments

Eliza Dushku opts for a more toned down look at the premiere of her film Nobel Son back at the 2007 Tribeca film festival, with full cast in attendance. Although Dushku is well known to often dress revealingly to complement her *ahem* assets, we got to explore another side of Dushku’s style through her simplified mini dress Veering away from her usual sexy and revealing outfits, her mini dress and heels gave her a more toned down look which still suits her well. Although I’m not really sold on her with this particular piece, I still think she should have gone with what she does best, and that is the more revealing and more curvy dresses. Her mini dress looks a bit bland and uninspired, and the belt doesn’t do anything to help it either. Nonetheless Eliza Dushku still...

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Mary Stuart Masterson in Black

Posted by on Apr 8, 2012 in Fashion | 0 comments

When going to the Tribeca Film Festival, what kind of ensemble would you wear? A cocktail dress? A little black dress? Slacks? A coat? Mary Stuart Masterson wore all three. The American film, stage, and television actress is seen here attending the 2007 Tribeca Film festival in New York in a comfy outfit. She wore a black shirt dress that she unbuttoned from the hemline up to the waist to show off her black slacks. The slacks were cut straight to show just the right amount of figure without making her look stick thin. Over the shirt dress and the slacks, she wore a black wool coat. She carried with her a black leather handbag which matched her heels and pedicure. For her hair, she wore it half up allowing some bangs to fall freely over her face to...

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Torrey Devitto Shining on the Red Carpet

Posted by on Apr 7, 2012 in Fashion | 0 comments

Former model and actress Torrey Devitto never fails to surprise us in her red carpet garb at the Tribeca Film festival. The slender and exotic beauty absolutely sizzles in her black halter mini dress. Along with beau actor Paul Wesley in hand, we’re pretty sure he has nothing to complain about from head to toe about his other half. Torrey model does know how to employ her eye for fashion which showed evidently that night. If a black dress is an absolute staple in a woman’s wardrobe, then DeVitto’s pleated halter mini ensemble would be the first choice for any woman her frame. To top it all off, she complements her dress with a simple black clutch-heels combo that does nicely to accentuate her wardrobe for the night. Since making the transition from modeling to acting, appearing in the...

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Joan Jett Livin’ the Rock and Roll Life

Posted by on Apr 5, 2012 in Fashion | 0 comments

Joan Jett may very well be the epitome of rock and roll, being the first few women to cross the line to an industry dominated by men. We remember her for her legendary music, one which speaks of a very liberal lifestyle. We see her in this picture in a typical getup on a casual day around town. Her tank top allows for a display of her tattoos. She has those classic wayfarers, by the way. Those are just the envy of young people nowadays. They just don’t know how to pull it off like Joan Jett. She has a myriad of accessories going on for her in this picture. A choker and a necklace, a bracelet, and what looks like a wrist watch with rubber straps. There’s also that leather belt going on over a pair or simple...

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