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Eliza Dushku in Minimalist Ensemble

Posted by on Apr 19, 2012 in Fashion | 0 comments

Eliza Dushku opts for a more toned down look at the premiere of her film Nobel Son back at the 2007 Tribeca film festival, with full cast in attendance. Although Dushku is well known to often dress revealingly to complement her *ahem* assets, we got to explore another side of Dushku’s style through her simplified mini dress Veering away from her usual sexy and revealing outfits, her mini dress and heels gave her a more toned down look which still suits her well. Although I’m not really sold on her with this particular piece, I still think she should have gone with what she does best, and that is the more revealing and more curvy dresses. Her mini dress looks a bit bland and uninspired, and the belt doesn’t do anything to help it either. Nonetheless Eliza Dushku still...

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Sexy Tom Ford Suited Up

Posted by on Apr 9, 2012 in Men's Fashion | 0 comments

If anyone knows anything about fashion, it’s Tom Ford. The highly acclaimed fashion designer knows everything from Gucci, to Yves Saint Lauren. He should, because he designed for them, even turning Gucci around from some of the low points of its running existence. Throughout his fashion designing career, he has become an icon for men’s fashion, even designing the suits for everybody’s favorite spy, James Bond (along with actor Daniel Craig too!). Here he’s seen in a simple but elegant charcoal suit which looks tailored to perfection. Coupled with a black patterned tie, he looks just about a spy as double-O-seven. This fashion designer turned director likes to pay attention to every detail; be it his film, or his wardrobe. This is why he keeps special attention to accessories as seen here with his collar pin and cufflinks. They’re...

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Mary Stuart Masterson in Black

Posted by on Apr 8, 2012 in Fashion | 0 comments

When going to the Tribeca Film Festival, what kind of ensemble would you wear? A cocktail dress? A little black dress? Slacks? A coat? Mary Stuart Masterson wore all three. The American film, stage, and television actress is seen here attending the 2007 Tribeca Film festival in New York in a comfy outfit. She wore a black shirt dress that she unbuttoned from the hemline up to the waist to show off her black slacks. The slacks were cut straight to show just the right amount of figure without making her look stick thin. Over the shirt dress and the slacks, she wore a black wool coat. She carried with her a black leather handbag which matched her heels and pedicure. For her hair, she wore it half up allowing some bangs to fall freely over her face to...

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Torrey Devitto Shining on the Red Carpet

Posted by on Apr 7, 2012 in Fashion | 0 comments

Former model and actress Torrey Devitto never fails to surprise us in her red carpet garb at the Tribeca Film festival. The slender and exotic beauty absolutely sizzles in her black halter mini dress. Along with beau actor Paul Wesley in hand, we’re pretty sure he has nothing to complain about from head to toe about his other half. Torrey model does know how to employ her eye for fashion which showed evidently that night. If a black dress is an absolute staple in a woman’s wardrobe, then DeVitto’s pleated halter mini ensemble would be the first choice for any woman her frame. To top it all off, she complements her dress with a simple black clutch-heels combo that does nicely to accentuate her wardrobe for the night. Since making the transition from modeling to acting, appearing in the...

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Kevin Connolly Suited Up or Down?

Posted by on Apr 6, 2012 in Men's Fashion | 0 comments

It’s probably just me, but I think Kevin Connolly could use a little more stubble. You may remember the American actor and director from the HBO series Entourage wearing almost the same kind of suits as this one. So there’s nothing new, really. He’s blonde, has blue eyes, but there really is something that’s missing. I think it’s the ruggedness that his baby face lacks. Add that to this ill-fitting suit and that pose, and he looks like he’s trying to pull off his dad’s work clothes to a party. Suits are supposed to have a slender silhouette that gives the wearer a fit frame. It’s one way of tricking the ladies into thinking that he has the body of a Greek god or something. Connolly’s suit works the other way around. The creases on the arms and legs...

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